Thursday, October 1, 2009

Double duty

It's cute, yes. But really I just find it easier. That is, dressing the girls in matching -- or similar -- outfits. In terms of shopping, I just have to pick out one outfit and get it in two sizes. Then, when they're running around naked like little banshees, I don't have to think twice about what they should wear. Oh, and it makes it easier to keep the drawers organized, too! So it's not really that I'm so clever and matchy-matchy. I'm just lazy.


Shell said...

That's my reason for doing that, too! I always used to roll my eyes at people whose kids were in matching outfits and now I realize that it's just easier.

Molly said...

I dress our girls (6 and 20 months) in matching or coordinating outfist most of the time. Besides being less to think about, it's also comforting to know that if, God forbid, one of them got away on you in public, you could very easily describe their clothing to the nearest official type person. "Yes officer, one just like this but bigger."