Monday, June 4, 2012

Yoga, Moving.

As we start getting ready for our big move, yoga sometimes struggles to make the to-do list. How frustrating. What moving needs is yoga -- the breath, the flexibility, the strength, the stillness. Moving is about turning everything upside down, moving everything around, getting everything from here to there. Yoga is about moving only inside to just be, right where you are, right now. It is such an interesting juxtaposition. Even while I'm running around in the whirl of the move, I'm thinking about that stillness, looking for the crystal of yoga which just exists within. Breathing. It isn't easy, but that is the yoga. Tonight I'll get on the mat. Then I'll lead some yogis in their practice. I know I'll find the yoga there. But then I'll step off the mat back into the mess of boxes. I hope I can bring the yoga with me. That's the point, isn't it?


jhi29 said...

Hello! I read you're a Curvy Yoga instructor? It looks like you may be the closest one to me (in GB Wisconsin)-- how do I connect w/you? :) Jill

Elizabeth Gallo said...

Hi Jill! Great to meet you -- I'm glad you found my blog. I am a Curvy Yoga instructor, and I teach in Evanston, IL. Do you have a yoga practice? Are you a teacher? You can email me at elizabeth dot gallo at yahoo dot com. I look forward to talking with you!