Friday, April 1, 2011

Yoga and baseball

Those of you who know me know that I love baseball -- and my team is the Chicago Cubs. Don't groan. I know.

Yoga can be very helpful in rooting for a team like the Cubs. Think about it -- practicing contentment, practicing non-attachment, even practicing ahimsa -- all help me be an even better fan. All these practices can make a wait of over 100 years for a championship bearable -- even enjoyable. Just as this year's season gets underway, I am breathing and trying not to get too excited. I will enjoy every pitch I get to watch -- especially the ones thrown at Wrigley. Even if my baseball season ends in September, our team of yogis will have been brilliant just in their attempt.


Nancy said...

perfection... I'll keep these thoughts in mind while UConn plays its game in the final four tonight. welcome to the bloggin' game! xo

adan said...

totally true ;-)

i played baseball as a child, loved it, with great memories on many layers -

now, i think back to baseball and see so much of yoga in it -

and can very clearly see how yoga would benefit being a cub fan, and as an old time houston astros fan (i knew them when they were the colt 45's!) i know the feeling well ;-)